Character Awards 2013

New Zealand National Schools of Character 2013 Awards

Seven New Zealand schools are winners of the prestigious New Zealand National Schools of Character 2013 Awards.

The winning schools and colleges are;

Warwick Moyle, Deputy Chairman of the New Zealand Foundation of Character Education and convenor of the National Schools of Character selection panel, said that the award winners were schools and colleges that were able to demonstrate outstanding character education initiatives that had yielded positive results for student behaviour, citizenship, school culture and academic achievement.

The awards, which include a $1,000 donation, are for four years and will be presented at special assemblies next week as the culmination Character Counts! Week. This is an international celebration of character and the importance of building character in the young.

Mr. Moyle said that the range of school types, sizes, locations and decile classifications of the winning schools and colleges showed that these factors are irrelevant to effective character education. He said that it was significant that an increasing numbers of schools were recognition the importance of character in determining behaviour and achievement.

The winning schools all reported a positive impact on student behaviour and overwhelming support from parents, students, staff and their school communities.

Although obviously different, the winning schools and colleges all shared common approaches to character formation. Each undertook the intentional teaching of such character traits as respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion, integrity and kindness.

These traits were not only taught but each school sought to advocate and model them. Each placed a strong emphasis on the school’s culture and endeavoured to have the character traits they taught and advocated, inform and influence everything that happened in the schools.

The quality of leadership, in terms of character formation, provided by each principal is a significant factor in the effectiveness of the school’s approach to character education.

Mr. Moyle said that these seven schools will provide wonderful mentors for other schools and models for the future.

The New Zealand National Schools of Character Awards, which are awarded for four years, was organized and funded by the New Zealand Foundation for Character Education Inc.

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