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Use of the Cornerstone Values Resources in New Zealand Schools

There are three levels at which New Zealand schools use Cornerstone Values resources.

It is not known how many schools there are in the first two levels. This is because the New Zealand Foundation for Character Education has no on-going communications with schools that have purchased resources or attended training seminars.

However, all the indications are that the number of schools using Cornerstone Values resources is significant.

On page 83 of Values in the New Zealand Curriculum – Ministry of Education Literature Review 2006 it is observed:

This [Cornerstone Values] programme has been very influential in a considerable number of schools …as evidenced by mention of the programme by many schools represented at the regional consultation meetings.

The fact that the approach was developed and sustained over fourteen years is indicative of its quality and durability.

Indications of the extent of its use in New Zealand schools include:

Type of schools using the resources

To date, the implementation of Cornerstone Values has been overwhelmingly in primary schools.

Perhaps this is because it is widely recognised that core values are learned at a young age?

Intentional, school wide character education in secondary schools is comparatively rare – at the very developmental stage when the need is arguably the greatest.

However, over the last two years there has been a growing receptivity in secondary schools to Cornerstone Values and character education.

Accreditation to use the Cornerstone Values registered trade mark

Cornerstone Values Logo

The Cornerstone Values registered trademark symbolizes a school’s commitment to the building of character through teaching, advocating and modelling honesty and truthfulness, kindness, consideration and concern for others, compassion, obedience, responsibility, respect and duty.

The award follows an accreditation process that included the board of trustees and principal meeting criteria for effective character education, written statements from visitors to the school and an independent character education review undertaken by a school principal from outside the region.

The award which recognizes the restoration of character education to its rightful and central place in the school curriculum is subject to the conditions set out in an agreement between the New Zealand Foundation for Character Education Incorporated and the school’s Board of Trustees.

Change of principal

When the accreditation process was devised it was not know if the Cornerstone Values approach to character education would survive a change of principals. This was because it was recognised that the principal plays a key role in the delivery of character education.

It appears that it may be the school community that ensures the survival of character education when there is a change of principal.

When two of the accredited schools, Weston in North Otago and Te Awamutu in the Waikato, appointed new principals the Boards of Trustees considered the continuance of character education in making the appointments.

Both new principals speak positively about the approach to character education that they have inherited.

Accredited schools

The following primary schools have been accredited to use the New Zealand Foundation for Character Education’s registered trademark.

The staffs of these schools have developed enormous expertise in the Cornerstone Values approach to character education. They have much to offer colleagues in other schools. For this reason contact details are provided.

Malfroy Primary School, Rotorua
Postal address: PO Box 5030, Rotorua, 3044
Street address: 196 Malfroy Street, Rotorua
Contact: Nicky Brell, Principal
Type of school: Contributing
Roll: 360
Decile: 3

Nicky Brell, Principal comments:

Tena Tatou Katoa! Greetings to you! Malfroy School is a medium sized primary school located in Rotorua’s central suburbs. Students know their teachers care for them and they enjoy a range of rich learning experiences. The cornerstone values of Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Compassion, Honesty, Consideration, Duty, and Obedience are apparent in all aspects of school life. An enthusiastic and supportive Board of Trustees work collaboratively in ensuring staff, students and parents enjoy their time at Malfroy School.

We are proud to be a cornerstone values school!

Waianiwa Primary School, Southland
Postal address: Waianiwa-Oporo Road, RD4, Invercargill, 9521
Contact: Sue Walker, Principal
Type of school: Contributing
Roll: 63 (July 2006)
Decile: 6

Sue Walker, Principal comments:

Waianiwa School has successfully implemented a Cornerstone Values approach to Character Education for six years. There is strong statistical evidence of much improved behaviour through our pupils learning how the eight Cornerstone Values apply in all aspects of school, home and community life.

There is a term focus of one Value which is taught in a weekly programme and reinforced with a class activity. The programme has great school staff, Board of Trustees and home support.

Spring Creek, Marlborough
Postal address: 52 Ferry Road, Spring Creek, Marlborough, 7350
Contact: Andrew McFarlane, Principal
Type of school: Full primary
Roll: 54 (July 2006)
Decile: 5

Andrew McFarlane, Principal comments:

There were two main reasons for adopting Cornerstone Values:

Resources for teaching 'Values' were limited and the approach that Spring Creek School had been using meant that each year the 'Values' being taught were re-evaluated and changed. The Cornerstone Values resources and support from other schools was the main reason for choosing this approach.

The only research that was available at the time and relevant to the New Zealand school scene was from John Heenan. This gave us a theoretical and practical approach to teaching Character Education. After teaching 'values' for a number of years, Spring Creek School took the next step in the journey of turning 'Values'in to actions and developing real character.

Bellevue School (Newlands), Wellington
Postal address: Bancroft Terrace, Newlands, Wellington, 6004
Contact: Angela Johnston, Assistant, Principal
Type of school: Contributing
Roll: 263 (July 2006)
Decile: 8

Angela Johnston, Assistant Principal comments:

Bellevue School has been implementing the Cornerstone Resource for two years with all staff, children and families fully embracing all eight values. The school climate, behaviour and individual character of children is positive and healthy and often commented on by outside contacts. We are pleased with our success with Character Education and hold our accreditation with pride.

Kaharoa Primary School, Kaharoa, Rotorua
Postal address: Kaharoa Primary School, Kaharoa RD2, Rotorua 3221
Contact: Warwick Moyle, Principal
Type of school: Full Primary
Roll: 223 (July 2006)
Decile: 10

Warwick Moyle, Principal comments:

The staff and parents of the Kaharoa School community have embraced the Building Character through Cornerstone Values Approach since 2002. The eight Cornerstone Values support the good work of our families by giving the school’s children clear definitions that empower them in their learning and behaviour to make appropriate choices.

Te Awamutu Primary School, Te Awamutu, Waikato
Postal address: Te Awamutu School, 401 Teasdale Street, Te Awamutu, Waikato, 2400
Contact: Gareth Duncan
Type of school: Contributing
Roll: 466 (July 2006)
Decile: 5
Secondary Schools
Taupo nui-a-Tia College, Taupo
Postal address: Taupo nui-a-Tia College, Spa Road, Taupo, 2730
Contact: Peter Moyle, Deputy Principal
Type of school: Year 9 – 15, co-educational
Roll: 896 (July 2006)
Decile: 4

Peter Moyle, Deputy Principal Comments:

Taupo-nui-a-Tia College has been an accredited Cornerstone Values School for over four years. The College is committed to the building of character through advocating, modelling and teaching the values of responsibility, respect, kindness, honesty and truthfulness,compassion, obedience, duty, consideration and concern for others. Cornerstone Values have had an extremely positive effect on the culture of the school and influences how we do things around here on a daily basis.

Schools known to have implemented effective character education using the Cornerstone Values approach
George Street Normal School, Dunedin
Postal address: 989 George Street, Dunedin, 9001
Contact: Rod Galloway, Principal
Type of school: Contributing
Roll: 356 (July 2006)
Decile: 9
Te Atatu Intermediate School
Postal address: Harbour View Road, Te Atatu North, Auckland, 1002
Contact: Noelle Fletcher, Principal
Type of school: Intermediate
Roll: 275 (July 2006)
Decile: 4
Fairfield Primary School, Dunedin
Postal address: 10 Sickels Street, Fairfield, Dunedin, 9006
Contact: Andy Larsen, Principal
Type of school: Full primary
Roll: 329 (July 2006)
Decile: 9
Rangitaiki Independent School, Whakatane
Postal address: 33 Meadow Street, Coastlands, Whakatane, 3080
Contact: Gay West, Principal
Type of school: Private
Roll: 92 (July 2006)
Decile: 8
Westbridge Residential School, Auckland

Westbridge is a specialist school catering to the needs of children who display significant emotional, behavioural, social and learning difficulties that cannot be managed within their own community.

Postal address: PO Box 79 056, Royal Height, Auckland, 1230
Contact: John Rutherford, Principal
Type of school: Special
Roll: 52 (July 2006)
Decile: 2

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