Building Character through Cornerstone Values

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John Heenan, a former principal, spent ten years developing the Cornerstone Values approach to character education. In clear and interesting language he explains the what, the why and the how of values or, as he would prefer to call it, character education.

He builds his approach from a sound rationale, from long experience in education and from understanding that character is learned by being experienced, observed and modelled. Since it is only through good relationships that good attitudes and values can be transmitted, John Heenan believes we must first create a positive, relational culture in our schools. If we want to influence the characters of our students, core objective values must inform and direct every thing that happens in the school, be it in the principal's office, the classroom, the playground, the sports field or the board meeting.

Building Character through Cornerstone Values is more that just another manual. It will encourage schools and their overburdened teachers. It offers hope for what schools and their communities could be, and it reminds us of what is important. It places first things first.


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