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Building Character through Cornerstone Values (Video)

In six module [92 minutes] video presentation in which John Heenan discusses the what, the why and the how of the Cornerstone Values approach to character education.

The presentation is design for staff professional development and is ideal for schools desiring to implement an intentional approach to character education. The six modules are:

  1. 1. Understanding Cornerstone Values
  2. 2. Preference values present problems
  3. 3. The Cornerstone Values approach to character education
  4. 4. Implementing the Cornerstone Values approach
  5. 5. Using the curriculum
  6. 6. Becoming a Cornerstone Values school

Although the resource was made ten years ago and is dated in terms of the Revised New Zealand Curriculum the rationale, and principles remain valid.

There is no set script for character education but there are principles that remain valid regardless of curriculum structured or presentation.

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