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Class Pledge

If I borrow it Iíll bring it back,
If I use it Iíll put it away.

If I open it Iíll close it,
If I turn it on Iíll turn it off.

If I make a mess Iíll tidy it,
If I did it Iíll own up to it.

If I hurt someone Iíll apologise,
If I want friends Iíll be a friend.

If I start it Iíll finish it,
If I make a mistake Iíll learn from it.

If I donít understand Iíll ask for help,
If I want to improve Iíll ask where to next?

And if I want to be treated well Iíll treat others the same way.

Character Counts! Week: 20-26 October 2013

Theme: ďShow respect, grow respect, know respectĒ

Character Counts! 2013

Character Counts! Week is an international celebration of character and character formation. It is celebrated in 88 countries and involves over 10 million students.

National Schools of Character 2013

The National Schools of Character Awards are recognition of significant achievement in developing a responsible and respectful school culture.

The 2013 winners will be schools and colleges that are able to demonstrate outstanding character education initiatives that yield positive results for student behaviour, citizenship, school culture and academic achievement.

The school or collegeís approach to character education must be intentional.

Nomination is easy.

Just send an email to with no more than 1000 words telling us about the results of character education in your school before Friday 16 August 2013.

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