Character Links worth Visiting:

Note: Online resources are extensive (perhaps overwhelming!) and represent varied approaches and philosophies. A comprehensive research for your school or organisation could represent a worthy project for professional development. This is only a sampling.

The Foundation for a Better Life

This is an excellent source of current and past, short, real life stories that exemplify the best in human behaviour. Mainly taken from media headlines from all over the world. There is also an excellent section where you can select from an extensive range of values/virtues to read real life examples that demonstrate the virtue/value. Related quotations are also available. Definitely aimed at inspiring all ages.

Apple Seeds

Quotations and short stories from varied sources that promote positive attitudes, and development of human dignity.

Character Counts

A nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian coalition of U.S. schools, communities and nonprofit organizations working to advance character education by teaching the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. A project of the Josephson Institute of Ethics

Character Education

Educational resources web page by Midge Frazel. An excellent range of well layed out links. Some interesting ones George Lucas’s site emphasising ‘emotional intelligence’ and a wide range of levels catered for including teacher workshop material. Use of heroes, lesson plan ideas

City Ethics

Some useful links for information regarding Ethics programs and educational research into ethical behaviour. More of interest for teacher education than specific classroom material.


An institute providing curriculums, resources and proff development material for teachers in the field of ethics with emphasis on the nurturing of; courage, loyalty, justice, respect, hope, honesty & love.

Josephson Institute of Ethics

An extensive list of links to organisations or programs promoting, teaching or researching ethics.

Milly, Molly Books

An NZ School journal series with stories promoting values such as honesty, responsibility, tenacity, kindness.


A useful source of quotations on many subjects. Using the search by topic I found the range of quotes relevant to both children and adults but the actual range of topics not extensive... worth a look.


Another source of quotation... range of topics more extensive than Quoteland above and many more quotes to choose from on each topic... more sifting required here to find quotes at children’s level.

NZ Foundation for Character Education

Many useful links on the site. The sample resources links are particulary good for educators looking for some practical ideas to explore. A comprehensive bibliography of books usefully categorised into the 8 cornerstone values. If schools are not familiar with the cornerstone program well worth reading some of the articles. The seminar John Heenan runs is an excellent starting point for schools looking for a starting point to address character education... whether they embrace cornerstone or another model for implementation.

Giraffe Country

This is a novel program, which encourages children to be courageous, caring, and responsible members of their community. It identifies and honours ‘good character’ by examining the lives of contemporary ‘heroes’ This could easily be adapted in a school or other setting.

Shop PBS for teachers

An online US based organisation providing books, videos and other curriculm resources for teachers including a range of multi-media material on character themes.

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