The Cornerstone Values approach to building character using


proven ideas that can make the difference in your school

  1. Focus on one of the eight Cornerstone Values per term
  2. An order for the value of the term approach that works well is: Year 1 - Responsibility, Kindness, Honesty & Truthfulness, Consideration Year 2 - Respect, Compassion, Obedience, Duty
  3. Display values and definitions in classrooms and corridors
  4. Ask staff to teach and/or reinforce a unit that helps students understand the definition, desire the benefit and practice the behaviour
  5. Use teaching and learning objectives to help unpack each definition
  6. Display student work that supports the value of the term
  7. Sing a song that reinforces the value of the term
  8. Write an additional verse for a character education song
  9. Provide a school wide focus with recent examples of the value of the term at each assembly without moralising
  10. Resource your school library with literature that reinforces the value of the term
  11. Explain and promote each terms value in one newsletter editorial early each term as an introduction
  12. Reinforce the value of the term by including a small and practical reminder in each newsletter
  13. Nominate practical community projects to reinforce the value of the term
  14. Devote part of a staff meeting at the beginning of the term to share ideas of the delivery of the value of the term
  15. Ask students to write about the right thing to do (
  16. Provide an annual budget for Character Education
  17. Consider nominating an aspect of a value per year as a planning and reporting target
  18. Consider asking for financial support from service organisations
  19. Include a willingness to model and/or teach good character statement in job descriptions
  20. Look for stories of heroes that model good character and celebrate them
  21. Conduct parent and student surveys to confirm your direction
  22. Publish your school character education philosophy and delivery in your prospectus
  23. Publish a character quote of the week for classroom use
  24. Publish anti-bullying strategies that incorporate your values
  25. Publish a Code of Conduct that incorporate your values
  26. Report to parents on their students Character Development
  27. Use a Think Sheet that incorporates your values asking students to consider the appropriateness of their action
  28. Appoint a student superhero for each value of the term
  29. Issue character vouchers while on playground duty. Organise a weekly draw for students with a certain number.
  30. Find practical examples of the value of the term to congratulate students at assembly
  31. Design and construct classroom banners, eg: Respect – Just Do It 3
  32. Use current events to highlight the presence or absence of the value of the term
  33. Role play various social situations demonstrating the value of the term
  34. Ask staff to consider the ways in which existing structures might incorporate the value of the term (eg Daily notices and form time)
  35. Emphasise the value of the term with your senior pupils in leadership roles
  36. Retain school displays of each terms value as a reminder for the year
  37. Check out websites
  38. Establish Character Education links with Early Childhood Centres, Primary Schools and parenting organizations in your area
  39. Consider becoming an accredited Cornerstone Values School
  40. Document your story. Collect data and stories before, during and after each value of the term

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