Newsletters to Parents - A Cornerstone Value a Month

The cornerstone values approach to character education recognises that parents are best able to impart cornerstone values. They are the child’s first and most important teachers of values. Indeed, nothing can ever replace the home as the place where cornerstone values and other virtues are taught and observed.

It is in the home that with or without parent’s help, children during their earliest years begin developing values and attitudes. This is both a conscious and unconscious process that takes place simply by watching their parents, being.

One of the greatest strengths of the cornerstone values approach is that it places an emphasis on working with parents and assisting them ensure that their children become the kind of people they desire.

It is for this reason that the Cornerstone Values Parent Survey is an essential component to home – school liaison.

Once a school has the cornerstone values approach is in place a highly effective, and ongoing way to liase with parents, is the use of “Cornerstone Value of the Month,” newsletters. Through these publications parents are invited to support the current teaching emphasis and provided with suggested family activities.

Suggestions for Newsletters

The newsletters should encourage family sharing, interaction and discussion.

It is suggested that the newsletters include the following elements:

Sample newsletters

Honesty and Truthfulness (235KB / PDF format)

Kindness (167KB / PDF format)

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