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Building Character through Cornerstone Values

Building Character through Cornerstone Values is an indigenous New Zealand approach to the development of character which had its origins at the Waihopai School, Invercargill, following the 1989 reforms known as "Tomorrow's Schools" and the provision for local learning objectives in a school charter.


The Cornerstone Values approach seeks to build character through:

What the Cornerstone Values Approach is not

The approach is not a clip-on but an infusion that informs and directs everything that happens in a school; in the principal's office, the board meeting, the staff- student relationships, the classroom, the playing fields and the way students are permitted to treat each other.

It is concerned with the creation of an appropriate school culture and recognizes that values are communicated through relationships.

Cornerstone Values

The eight cornerstone values are principles that are consistent, universal, and transcultural. They build character that produces behaviour that is beneficial for the individual, others and the community.

The eight cornerstone values are drawn from the research of C. S. Lewis. They are honesty and truthfulness, kindness, consideration and concern for others, compassion, obedience, responsibility, respect and duty.

The Cornerstone Values approach recognizes that each of the eight cornerstone values has knowledge, attitude and behavioural components that are inextricably linked to the three attributes of character - knowing the good, desiring the good and doing the good.

The Approach Addresses Three Key Questions

Universality of Application

One of the significant features of the Cornerstone Values approach is the universality of its application. Not only does it apply to families, schools, community groups and business but also to all levels of schooling. In the school the principles and teaching content are fixed but the methodology and resources change to remain age appropriate.

Other strengths are that the approach is community based, it does not add to an already crowded curriculum and has the overwhelming support of parents.

Empowers Young People

The approach empowers young people by making them keenly aware that it is their own character that is at stake and challenges them to consider such questions as:

At the same time the approach:

Helps young people understand that character determines behaviour just as behaviour demonstrates character

Parent Surveys

The Cornerstone Values Parent Survey enables schools to obtain quantitative information from parents concerning their attitude to character education.

The purpose of the survey is to obtain quantitative information from parents concerning:

The New Zealand Foundation for Character Education commissioned the Southern Institute of Technology to trial the survey in four schools.

The results showed that there was a high degree of similarity in the desired personal qualities and overwhelming support for character education.

Literature the Heart of the Approach

The Cornerstone Values approach to character education recognizes that stories either read or told have always been the favourite strategy of the world’s greatest moral teachers. There are probably a number of reasons for this.

Principal Plays Key Role

A school’s principal plays a key role in the implementation of the Cornerstone Values approach to character education. Indeed, without leadership from the principal it is unlikely that the approach can be effectively implemented.

One Parent's Comment

I find it frustrating that it is necessary to teach my three children to treat others as they themselves want to be treated while at the same time warning them not to expect the same in return. Cornerstone Values gives me hope that society's attitudes can be turned around, and that if children are encouraged, at home and in school, to develop good, basic unchangeable values, we will all be free to enjoy a fuller life.

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