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Rod Galloway

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Rod Galloway has spent 30 years in education working in New Zealand primary, intermediate and secondary schools as well as the school advisory service.

Rod was formerly the Principal of Weston School who were judged runner up ‘School of the Year’ in 2003 and is currently the Principal of George Street Normal School, Dunedin’s largest primary school and main provider of teacher training practicums. Rod has been the recipient of two Ministry of Education awards that have enabled him to travel and study in the area of character education.

As a former school adviser and Regional Coordinator of Teacher Support Services for Massey University College of Education for a number of years, visits were made to more than 300 New Zealand schools where Rod was able to observe first hand a variety of school cultures, the consequences of disruptive behaviour and how apparent changing social values were impacting on teaching and learning.

While debate over classroom and playground behaviour is not new, overwhelming evidence suggests that an ever increasing gulf between behaviours not being taught, modelled and reinforced in the home and those expected to be displayed at school to provide safe, positive environments conducive to effective teaching and learning is what has changed. Rod believes that these differences have had significant implications for schools in recent years. Approaches to implementing character education are needed that include resources that support teachers in restoring and conserving responsible and respectful behaviour in their schools.

Rod is the present Chairman of the New Zealand Foundation for Character Education and has had the responsibility of convening two national character education conferences and three symposiums in recent years.

Rod is married to Lynn and father to three active adult children.

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