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Starter Kit: Implementing Effective Character Education

The Cornerstone Values Starter Kit enables a school to develop a rationale for character education, provide staff training, develop an implementation strategy, provide teacher-friendly planning, classroom resources and evaluation instruments.

The Starter Kit includes a 272-page book, the book on CD-ROM, two videos, bulletin board cards, desktop planner, a folder of classroom resources.

The hard work has been done - why waste time trying to re-invent the wheel?

Building Character through Cornerstone ValuesJohn Heenan

ISBN 0-473-08226-8

This A5 272-page book is the primary resource for understanding and implementing the Cornerstone Values approach to character. Provides the rationale, implementation strategy, bibliography – books that build character, consultation and evaluation surveys.

Book cover

Table of Content / Chapter One (113KB / PDF format)

CD-ROM - Building Character through Cornerstone Values

ISBN 0-476-00131-5

Invaluable for copying references, surveys, bibliographies and other resources

Video – Building Character through Cornerstone Values

A 92 minute video, presented in six modules, in which John Heenan discusses the what, why and how of the Cornerstone Values approach to character education. Designed to support staff training.

Video – Creating a School Culture – 30 minutes

Rod Galloway, Principal, Weston School discusses school culture and the impact of the Cornerstone Values approach to character education on his North Otago school. Weston School was runner-up in the 2003 Goodman-Fielder School of the Year and is an accredited Cornerstone Values school.

Bulletin Board Cards

A set of sixteen display cards – Cornerstone Values definitions and key points.

Desktop Planning Pad A2 Size

An indispensable grid for planning a comprehensive, continuous and critiqued approach to character education. The planner, a visual summary of the Cornerstone Values approach to character education, has a page for each of the eight cornerstone values, the law of consequences and rational decision making. The planner takes the drudgery out of planning.

Sample page - Respect (648KB / PDF format)

Cornerstone Values Resource Folder

One title, of the purchaser’s choice, of the Weston School Resource Folders. The staff of Weston School, North Otago, where one value is covered each term, has developed this popular resource.

Each resource folder is a collection of photocopy masters of practical and teacher-friendly classroom resources. The resource folder includes book lists, activities, and quotations that assist the class teacher unpack one of the eight Cornerstone Values.

The Cornerstone Values Resource Folders titles are Responsibility, Obedience, Respect, Compassion, Kindness, Consideration, Duty, Honesty & Truthfulness.

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