Symposium '07


Keynote Presentations

Character in the Classroom - How New Zealand's changing social values are impacting on student behaviour and how schools can meet new challenges

Rod Galloway, Principal George Street Normal School, Dunedin and Chairman, New Zealand Foundation for Character Education Inc.

Key Findings:

complete report available here

Rod's presentation can be downloaded from here (3.34MB / PDF format)

Character Education in New Zealand Schools - A Follow-Up Study

Dr. Gael McDonald, Professor of Business Ethics, Vice-President, Research, UNITEC, Auckland. A follow-up study to the 2004 research into the outcomes of character education in New Zealand schools.

Key Findings:

complete report available here

Dr McDonald's presentation can be downloaded from here (155KB / Powerpoint format)

Character - Education's Forgotten Goal

John Heenan, author of "Building Character through Cornerstone Values" and Director, NZ Foundation for Character Education

In this presentation a case is made for the restoration of character education to its historical place at the centre of the curriculum. The difference between "values" and "virtues" and between "values education" and "character education" is discussed along with the importance of character formation in a civil society

complete presentation available here

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