The New Zealand Foundation for Character Education has no religious or political affiliations. The Foundation advocates the restoration of character education to its historical and rightful place at the centre of the school curriculum

Twelve Reasons for Implementing the Cornerstone Values Approach to Character Education

  1. There is a clear and urgent need
  2. Even in a pluralist society there is common ethical ground
  3. Transmitting character is and always has been the work of a civil society
  4. Democracies have a special need for citizens of good character
  5. There is no such thing as values free education
  6. Character questions are among the great questions of life
  7. There is strong support for character education
  8. An unabashed commitment to character education is essential if schools are to attract and retain good teachers
  9. Character education is a manageable task, is inexpensive and the outcomes are cumulative
  10. Failure to educate for character imposes an enormous economic cost on communities
  11. Character education is a reform that will work. Other reforms may work but high standards of behaviour and conduct do work and nothing else works without them
  12. The best character education inspires young people by making them keenly aware that their own character is at stake

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